Children’s books that make a difference

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

– Dr. Seuss

I’ve always had an interest in books and writing. Since I was a child this has been one of the things in school I’ve enjoyed the most. 

Through my early childhood in school we had a great teacher who would show us love and compassion, she would always take her time with us and give us positive feedback. I remember her being one of my favorite teachers. She really cared. 

I have later in my life learned after studying early childhood and education how important it is for children to learn in a relaxed and fun environment. What fun are there to learn if you aren’t relaxed and enjoying it? 

I read for my boys as much as I can. Some days I’m busier than other days but I try to set aside at least 30 min of reading for them during the day. My partner and I also try to read them at least one bedtime story every night.

I started reading for my now 2 year old as soon as we got home from the hospital! He of course had no understanding of what I was reading, but you can never be too early reading or singing rhymes for your baby. Your baby already recognises your voice and absolutely loves hearing you sing (believe it or not).

I’m about to give you some of our FAVOURITE books, some that have made a great impact and taught my son about manners, feelings, the ABC and more! 

One of his most loved is from the Dr. Seuss series. Its about all letters in the alphabet and it’s written in a funny and catchy way. I think this book has especially contributed to him knowing the alphabet from a young age. 

He now shows a lot of interest in books and everyday they get pulled out from the shelf and he will sit on the floor looking through them. He will come up to me with his arms full of books and reach them out to me asking me to read them to him, and gladly I do so! Sure look, the dishes can wait..

If you’re a mom, life is super busy! So it can be hard to find time.

Here are a few tips to get your children to love books:

  1. Surround your kids with lots of good books. (If you’re working on a little home library, salvation stores are a good place to get them for an affordable price)
  2. Engage them and let them choose which book they want to read
  3. Always make sure to make it fun and relaxing reading books
  4. Show your kids how much YOU enjoy reading books. Kids really do take after their parents, make this count!
  5. Try to make it a regular part of the day.


Here are some of our favourite books and a little review. 

This is one of a series of books dealing with feelings and emotions. My son absolutely loves these books. And so do I! They are great to help your child getting a better understanding of the feelings they experience and help them cope with it. The writer is a physiologist (Hey bonus!) and in the back of the books there is a little info for the parents about the psychology behind it and how we can help our children through these experiences. A few other good books in this series by Trace Moroney with more feelings/emotions are: When I’m Feeling Kind, When I’m Feeling Jealous and When I’m feeling happy. You can buy them on Amazon by clicking on my links.

when im feeling happy.jpg   Feeling kind.jpg  feeling jealous.jpg  feeling angry

  • Dr. Seuss books.

Absolutely love the Dr. Seuss books. I’ve got a good few of the collection so far. ‘ABC’ was one of the first books I got for Conor and started reading to him when he was a newborn. Not sure who enjoyed them more, me or him. They are really fun to read and puts smiles on my sons little faces. They are interesting to read and very silly, but that’s the fun part! There are also some good rhymes and deep meaningful messages behind some of the stories like Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Here’s one of our favourites the ABC:

Dr. Seuss ABC

enjoy reading! 🙂


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