Maternity photos

A few weeks after having our first born my partner and I were looking to go somewhere nice. We hadn’t yet had the chance to get out much as a family and were excited when we saw an event on in Fremantle. It was called Chilli festival.

It was an amazing feeling being out of the house after spending most days at home with our newborn. It was strange being out as a family when used to it being only my partner and I. We packed maybe a little too much more than we needed but it was great being out!

It was a great evening. Got to try some super awesome chilli dishes. Of course, my partner being a spice lover went for the second strongest chilli in the world and got me in on it to try taste it. What a mistake! Im not fussy at all with spicy food and happy to try most things but this was unbearably HOT. All out of breath eager to find something neutralising. We came to a stall with a lovely creme fraise type dip pretending we were interested in trying it out. Our red hot faces probably revealed too much.

Just as we were about to leave after a successful first evening out with our newborn a lady with a camera approaches us. She asks us if she can take some photos of us. Flattered we say “sure!”



She then asks us if we would be interested in helping her out with photos she was going to take for a food magazine. That sounded like great fun so we said yes.

We met up with her a few weeks after in Kings Park. She had brought wine and cheese platter for the shoot. We were a little shy and embarrassed at first. Not used to having someone taking photos of us in public. It was a fun experience and afterwards we all sat down, drank some wine and talked.

Shortly after she offered to take some family photos as a thank you. It took a while before we met up again to take the photos. In fact, I got pregnant for the 2nd time and we arranged for her to take maternity photos of me as well as capture memories of my little family before we turned into 4.

I did a lot of research and found some great ideas for maternity photos on Pinterest. I had an idea what I was looking for in maternity photos. I loved the idea of having the photos taken on the beach right before sunset. So we arranged a date and met on one of Perth beautiful beaches near Cottesloe.

When we met we once again went over the photo shoot ideas and she began shooting. Liz has such an easygoing and kind personality so doing the shoots I felt relaxed and happy.


Bigger image2.jpg

After the beach shoots we arranged to meet and view the photos at her place in Perth hills. She had already sent me a few of the photos and they were lovely. I was very pleased with them!

Until the day today we have developed a great friendship and I can warmly recommend her and her ability to take lovely shoots and capture relaxed and real moments of happiness.





Thank you Liz for capturing these beautiful and important memories of our life xx

If anyone is interested in seeing more of her work or contacting her here is her web page

Also find her on facebook here and instagram




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