An everyday mother’s review on the Avent manual breast pump.

“I make milk, what’s your super power?”

First time I was pregnant I went a little overboard buying baby things. Not saying it’s a bad thing but I have learned from my mistakes and also learned from other experienced moms.

Honestly, many of these things you don’t really need. I have had quite a bit of experience with different baby products and now with my second child, let me just say I have saved a lot. Mainly because I was lucky enough to have 2 boys and reused most of what I bought for my first boy Conor but also I knew what I was looking for.

First pregnancy I looked into getting a breast pump. I decided to get a cheap electric one. Unfortunately my experience with this particular brand wasn’t very good. It was leaky, loud! and just didn’t work for me. It was so much hassle every time I had to set it up and as we were about to travel to Ireland it just wasn’t the right thing for me at that time.

Second pregnancy I did some online research. I decided to try a manual breast pump as we will be travelling a lot to visit our families in Ireland and Denmark and other places. Its just more convenient for me with one that doesn’t need to be hooked up with anything. I needed something small, easy and efficient!

IMG_3396.jpg     IMG_5053.JPG

It can be very confusing finding the right product when there’s so many different brands on the market. This time I chose to go with a totally different brand. My first pump was closer to nature, usually I really like their products but this electric pump just wasn’t working for me. I used their feeding bottles with my first born, I loved the design, they were easy for Conor to hold and easy to clean.

I decided to try out Avent as recommendations lead me in that direction. I’ve never before now used any of Avents products. I bought my Avent manual breast pump on Amazon via this link for a great price and it was delivered right to my doorstep within 2 weeks, yay!

breast pump mine

breast pump mine2.jpg

What I like about this breast pump is there are only 5 parts in total which makes it super easy to assemble, take apart and clean before and after use. Its simple and straight forward to handle. Very comfortable to use.

You soon learn how precious your breastmilk is after becoming a new mom. I try everything not to waste it. I usually pump the other breast while breastfeeding so I won’t lose those valuable drops. If you’re lucky enough to have a date night out you’ll be so thankful of the breastmilk in your freezer!

Some people think that a manual breast pump is hard work and that you have to pump constantly, but I find that I just pump a few times and hold the handle in and the milk flows. I was very surprised at how much milk I was able to express and how quickly! I’m usually pumping 1 or 2 times in a day morning and evening if I know I will be needing it. And usually fill a 125ml bottle with it. This pump doesn’t leak either like my previous one! It’s in an affordable price range too, what more can a breastfeeding mom ask for?

I got these storage containers for storage of breastmilk. I’m also intending to use them to store baby food when that time comes. I find them absolutely great! Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups, 6 Ounce (Pack of 5) or Philips AVENT Breast Milk Storage Cups, 6 Ounce (Pack of 10) depending on how much milk you’re looking to store.

storage cups 2

I’m recommending this avent manual breast pump to you mums as I’ve had and have a great experience with it and want to pass on my knowledge, mom to mom. I hope you also will find it awesome!

Maternity photos

A few weeks after having our first born my partner and I were looking to go somewhere nice. We hadn’t yet had the chance to get out much as a family and were excited when we saw an event on in Fremantle. It was called Chilli festival.

It was an amazing feeling being out of the house after spending most days at home with our newborn. It was strange being out as a family when used to it being only my partner and I. We packed maybe a little too much more than we needed but it was great being out!

It was a great evening. Got to try some super awesome chilli dishes. Of course, my partner being a spice lover went for the second strongest chilli in the world and got me in on it to try taste it. What a mistake! Im not fussy at all with spicy food and happy to try most things but this was unbearably HOT. All out of breath eager to find something neutralising. We came to a stall with a lovely creme fraise type dip pretending we were interested in trying it out. Our red hot faces probably revealed too much.

Just as we were about to leave after a successful first evening out with our newborn a lady with a camera approaches us. She asks us if she can take some photos of us. Flattered we say “sure!”



She then asks us if we would be interested in helping her out with photos she was going to take for a food magazine. That sounded like great fun so we said yes.

We met up with her a few weeks after in Kings Park. She had brought wine and cheese platter for the shoot. We were a little shy and embarrassed at first. Not used to having someone taking photos of us in public. It was a fun experience and afterwards we all sat down, drank some wine and talked.

Shortly after she offered to take some family photos as a thank you. It took a while before we met up again to take the photos. In fact, I got pregnant for the 2nd time and we arranged for her to take maternity photos of me as well as capture memories of my little family before we turned into 4.

I did a lot of research and found some great ideas for maternity photos on Pinterest. I had an idea what I was looking for in maternity photos. I loved the idea of having the photos taken on the beach right before sunset. So we arranged a date and met on one of Perth beautiful beaches near Cottesloe.

When we met we once again went over the photo shoot ideas and she began shooting. Liz has such an easygoing and kind personality so doing the shoots I felt relaxed and happy.


Bigger image2.jpg

After the beach shoots we arranged to meet and view the photos at her place in Perth hills. She had already sent me a few of the photos and they were lovely. I was very pleased with them!

Until the day today we have developed a great friendship and I can warmly recommend her and her ability to take lovely shoots and capture relaxed and real moments of happiness.





Thank you Liz for capturing these beautiful and important memories of our life xx

If anyone is interested in seeing more of her work or contacting her here is her web page

Also find her on facebook here and instagram



Children’s books that make a difference

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

– Dr. Seuss

I’ve always had an interest in books and writing. Since I was a child this has been one of the things in school I’ve enjoyed the most. 

Through my early childhood in school we had a great teacher who would show us love and compassion, she would always take her time with us and give us positive feedback. I remember her being one of my favorite teachers. She really cared. 

I have later in my life learned after studying early childhood and education how important it is for children to learn in a relaxed and fun environment. What fun are there to learn if you aren’t relaxed and enjoying it? 

I read for my boys as much as I can. Some days I’m busier than other days but I try to set aside at least 30 min of reading for them during the day. My partner and I also try to read them at least one bedtime story every night.

I started reading for my now 2 year old as soon as we got home from the hospital! He of course had no understanding of what I was reading, but you can never be too early reading or singing rhymes for your baby. Your baby already recognises your voice and absolutely loves hearing you sing (believe it or not).

I’m about to give you some of our FAVOURITE books, some that have made a great impact and taught my son about manners, feelings, the ABC and more! 

One of his most loved is from the Dr. Seuss series. Its about all letters in the alphabet and it’s written in a funny and catchy way. I think this book has especially contributed to him knowing the alphabet from a young age. 

He now shows a lot of interest in books and everyday they get pulled out from the shelf and he will sit on the floor looking through them. He will come up to me with his arms full of books and reach them out to me asking me to read them to him, and gladly I do so! Sure look, the dishes can wait..

If you’re a mom, life is super busy! So it can be hard to find time.

Here are a few tips to get your children to love books:

  1. Surround your kids with lots of good books. (If you’re working on a little home library, salvation stores are a good place to get them for an affordable price)
  2. Engage them and let them choose which book they want to read
  3. Always make sure to make it fun and relaxing reading books
  4. Show your kids how much YOU enjoy reading books. Kids really do take after their parents, make this count!
  5. Try to make it a regular part of the day.


Here are some of our favourite books and a little review. 

This is one of a series of books dealing with feelings and emotions. My son absolutely loves these books. And so do I! They are great to help your child getting a better understanding of the feelings they experience and help them cope with it. The writer is a physiologist (Hey bonus!) and in the back of the books there is a little info for the parents about the psychology behind it and how we can help our children through these experiences. A few other good books in this series by Trace Moroney with more feelings/emotions are: When I’m Feeling Kind, When I’m Feeling Jealous and When I’m feeling happy. You can buy them on Amazon by clicking on my links.

when im feeling happy.jpg   Feeling kind.jpg  feeling jealous.jpg  feeling angry

  • Dr. Seuss books.

Absolutely love the Dr. Seuss books. I’ve got a good few of the collection so far. ‘ABC’ was one of the first books I got for Conor and started reading to him when he was a newborn. Not sure who enjoyed them more, me or him. They are really fun to read and puts smiles on my sons little faces. They are interesting to read and very silly, but that’s the fun part! There are also some good rhymes and deep meaningful messages behind some of the stories like Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

Here’s one of our favourites the ABC:

Dr. Seuss ABC

enjoy reading! 🙂

Mom, dad, 2 boys and 3 home countries


My little family is quite the cultural one.

You know them couples who have ‘how we met stories’ so ridiculously adorable. Well we don’t exactly fall into that category, but love at first sights I believe it was, looking through the haze of alcohol, spotting each other between the crowd followed by a few cheesy pickup lines and since then hit it off! He was fun, silly, interesting and spontaneous! Just my type!

We somehow got separated at the end of the night, but earlier he had sneaked his number into my phone, lucky we!

So here we are..

Happily, ever after living in this beautiful country with our two Australian babies, me from Denmark (In Europe, not the Aussie town) and my partner from Ireland.




We met at a time in our lives where we were both busy travelling and working out what to do.

Things were challenging at times, yet we continued seeing each other and the butterflies grew. We went through lots together, a farm stay (long story), an outback road trip involving a FLAT TIRE, vacations, Kieran meeting my parents in Denmark, me meeting his in Ireland and in between all that a bit of long distance bonding even further.


We were living life and growing our relationship planning to travel all over America together in a caravan.

Living in Australia 1000s of miles away from family, he was my rock in the hard times, always supporting and uplifting when in need. Living this far away from family isn’t always easy, and a call or skype home can sometimes make the homesickness worse.

But here we were, after being through so much together, ups and down.


In the middle of our BIG America trip, we got PREGNANT!
The America scrap/planning book turned into getting ready for baby book. Jeez, here we were, literally the furthest away from the people you would want the closest at this point, pregnant. So much excitement and concern all in the same bobble of feelings.

Being a fairly new couple still going through the newly loved up, still getting to know each other, it was freakin’ scary news on top of being literally on the other side of the globe from our loved ones.

But I never for one minute doubted that this was the man I would be proud of making people with. He had his shit together, was responsible with his career and definitely know how to cook up a great breakfast!

We now have two little boys, still living away and still learning about each other.

Yes, it can be challenging at times being with someone who is from a different country than you, different main language and on top of that, living in a third country. There really is a lot of difference when you are from two different countries, especially language wise! BOY, the amount of time we have misunderstood each other on this one not the mentioned the amount of time he has laughed at me when I’ve said something like “are you taking the piss on me” instead of “are you taking the piss out of me” – amongst many other tings!

Then, there’s some really cool things about being so culturally diverse too such as giving our boys the gift of growing up with TWO languages, THREE if you count the little celtic inputs.

Experiencing the best of 3 countries! The one we’re living in and the 2 others that we have families in and will visit in the future ahead. Celebrating holidays and traditions and allowing ourselves to be more open-minded and cultured and not least passing this on to our kids.

Not to mention all the different foods both of our traditional food we have shared.

To be with someone from a different origin has given more knowledge about a different country, that I never knew much about before. And together we have experienced a whole new.


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